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Thai massage to get healthy

It's affordable.
One hour of traditional Thai or classical oil massage costs 2900 rubles. With 2RU you get 1.5 hours for the same price!

You stay healthy & fit.
Oil massage together with cedar barrel will warm you up & improve you immune system.

Central location.
Crown Thai Spa is located 5 minutes away from Galeria shopping mall. You can even go there for lunch!

You let yourself relax.
The current situation in the world drives us all a bit mad. Our bodies need attention and love during that time.

Add on some Spa.
A 30 minutes neck & back massage or a 3 hours Watermelon Spa program - it's up to you!

Get to know more on http://2ru.space/thaimassagespb and make sure you take advantage of being part of #2RUfamily ;)
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