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Euromed — a clinic where they assist in English

#MustWatch Viruses all around 😷 — it's time to remind ourselves how to stay healthy, especially in cold Russia.

Not to get sick, you just need to follow some basic local precautions, this is why we talked to Euromed Сlinic 👩‍🔬 so that you know:
✔️ what should you avoid doing in Russia?
✔️ where to call & how it works with your insurance if u get sick

Watch the interview not to miss anything! https://youtu.be/t0qRBEOGIvY

And in case something bothers you 🤒, Euromed is the right place to call — they assist you in English & work with many insurance companies from all over the world. 📞

+7 812 327-03-01

It's nice you got 2RU to always give you tips!)

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