Frequently Asked Questions
All you wanted to know about coming to Russia but didn't dare to google :)
What documents are important during my stay in Russia?
Migration card. You will fill it in at the border (customs) control when you arrive to Russia.
You should always have with you a copy of your passport and a copy of your migration and registration cards!
What are the rules about registration in Russia?
According to Russian legislation, all international visitors must register their Russian visa within 7 working days upon arrival to the place of residence in Russia. Note that it is always a responsibility of your host (be it a university dorm, hotel or landlord) to register you.
How can I get registered if my landlord doesn't want to register me?
Contact 2RU and you will get official migration registration in a timely manner.
What are the ways to find the accommodation in Russia?
Like travelling to any other country, you can use web-sites offering you renting services (Avito, Airbnb, etc). However, you should always be aware of untrustworthy information there.
Unlike this, 2RU housing options are 100 % reliable (see feedback from those, who have already rented a studio/flat with us)!
Why will I live without my passports for two months in Russia?
In order to enter Russia, you will be granted a one-time visa valid for 90 days. You then will need to apply for a multiple entry visa valid till the end of your study that replaces your single 90 day visa, and hand in your passport.
The process of getting a multiple entry visa takes 5 weeks, during which you will not be able to leave Russia and St. Petersburg particularly (please, plan your stay in Russia accordingly).
What are the must-dos of an exchange in Russia?
Some say that you should heal your soul with experiences…
What can be better than joining 2RU trips to Moscow and see one of the oldest cities in the world (founded in 1147!)? Or find yourself under the sky with Northern lights?.. Or see Baikal, the pearl of Siberia, and while standing on its thick ice realize that it is more than 1 meter deep!...
I wanna do the Transsiberian, how can I do that with 2RU?
That is the signature trip of 2RU! You can either go only to Baikal lake and back, or all the way to Vladivostok.
  • Option 1: We organize this tour in a group 2-3 times per semester, follow us on FB to know the dates
  • Option 2: you can use our itinerary & go by yourself / in your group of friends. We organize everything - you go!
Apply on to know more & follow @transsiberian on Instagram!
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Russian people are not nice with me. How can I make friends?
Don't be afraid, it's just a cultural peculiarity of the Russians. They are a bit closed off in the beginning, but once you dig a bit deeper, they may become your best friends! Attend our language exchange events to get to know more people that want to hang out with foreigners.
I came to Russia & want to practice my Russian – how can I do that?
You are finally here! So, practice your Russian anywhere – when you ask for the directions in the street, at the shop, at your university … And, one more useful opportunity – attend different events, organized by 2RU! You'll immerse yourself in a Russian-speaking environment, find people who share the same interests, learn a lot about Russian culture! Let's roll!
How do I get a visa invitation for my friends/relatives?
2RU is providing a service of issuing visa invitation letters. Just send a letter at saying that you need a visa invitation. The whole procedure is easy and very fast!
What local apps should I use in Russia?
  • Not to get lost - Maps.Me
  • Explore "shaverma", a popular street food in Russia- Gde Shaverma
  • See discounts at supermarkets - Edadeal
How can I get a cleaning service?
If you need a cleaning service, we are here to help – write to us at The price of the service is from 1000 RUB.
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