Mandatory FIS registration
Registration for foreigners is a mandatory and quite a time-consuming procedure.
2RU can always assist you in performing your registration!
According to Russian legislation, all international visitors must register their Russian visa within 7 working days upon arrival to the place of residence in Russia.
If you are staying in a private apartment/flat or hotel
In this case, the landlord/hotel administration are responsible for your migration registration.
Upon arrival you should fill in a special blank called "Arrival Notification of Foreign Citizen to the place of Destination" and get back the detachable part of this form (registration slip) with a stamp confirming your registration.
If you are staying in a student dormitory
In this case your migration registration is done by the university. You should visit your university's International Department to get necessary information regarding the procedure.
How 2RU can help
Price is 1500 RUB/month.
You can travel & get re-registered for free within that period!
STN apartments is our partner company and it is managing the apartments in the center of Saint Petersburg. You will be registered at the official address of the company, which is allowed if you get registered by a legal entity, not by an individual owner.
Get your registration with 2RU!
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How to check if the registration is ready
Karavannaya Street, 7
It takes from 1 to 3 days to make a registration.
Our partner "STN apartments" is responsible for the procedure.
You can call them to ask whether your resigration is ready (Indicate your surname + say "Non-guest")
If it is ready you can go pick it up to STN office, orange entrance.
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