Visa invitations
2RU provides a service of issuing visa vouchers, so your friends and family can come visit you in Russia!
The tourist visa is the easiest type of visa you can get and is suitable for a short trip to Russia. Below you can see general information about the process of getting a visa to Russia but we highly recommend you check the specifics with your local Russian Consulate or Embassy.
You need an invitation letter
to apply for a Russian visa
If you are planning to stay in a hotel...
The hotel might provide you with the invitation letter for an additional price or sometimes for free (check it with the hotel). Usually in this case the hotel asks you for the 100% prepayment.
If you are planning to stay at your friend's or relatives' place...
The best option would be to order the invitation letter from a travel agency or company providing this service. The price depends on the company and can be around 40 USD (2500 RUB).
2RU provides a service
of issuing visa vouchers!
The information we need to help you get the invitation letter:

1. The passport scan(s) of the person for whom the invitation letter should be issued
2. The following information on every person for who wishes to travel to Russia:
~ full name
~ date of birth
~ sex
~ citizenship
~ passport number
3. Dates of stay
4. Single/multiple entry

The price is 1500 RUB per letter.

After you send us all the information and proceed with the payment, you will get back to your e-mail the invitation letter. You can print this letter and use it to apply for the Russian visa.

To apply please fill in your contact details in the form below or send us an e-mail to
Group discounts

3-4 visa invitations: 1400 rubles per piece
5-6 visa invitations: 1200 rubles per piece
7-9 visa invitations: 1100 rubles per piece
10+ visa invitations: 1000 rubles per piece
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