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The story of 2RU starts back in 2018, when our founder @katya.2ru came back to Russia after having worked in Chile, Switzerland & Malaysia to show the internationals the best of her own country. Yes-yes, it all started with the Trans-Siberian trip...
"Once I got so scared in this taxi in Vietnam, as the driver did not speak English, and we couldn't find my hotel at night... Then I thought — don't foreigners in Russia face the same problem? How would they travel to Siberia where very few people speak English? Then I came back to Russia and founded 2RU. To bring my international experience to my home country."

Katya 2RU
The founder
Now 2RU unites foreigners from many Russian cities
into one big community
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We organize regular international events in Saint Petersburg, as well as fun trips all around Russia. Our partners make special offers for the internationals, we recommend you the best services and experiences where you can be attended in English.
Here is us in Velikiy Novrogod, one of the most ancient Russian cities. November, 2018.
One of the best way to explore Russia is to take the Trans-Siberian railroad. This is our signature trip, and we can organize it for any group size, for any type of budget and preferences. You take the night train, and every other day arrive in a different city. There locals show you around, and finally you get to Baikal Lake or to Vladivostok...
Visit our website or Instagram profile @transsiberian to know more. Here are some pictures of it:
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